Polyethylense (PE) is a type of polymers with strong chemical-resistance and wear-resistance. It is mainly divided into the low-density PE (LDPE), high-density PE (HDPE), and ultra-high molecular weight PE (UHMW-PE) The HDPE is the most massive among them.
  The UHMW-PE is an ultra-high-density polyethylense whose average number of molecules is usually three million. It has physical properties that are generally superior to those of the HDPE, and this FDA-approved material is thus generally more expensive.

⊙Wear-resistant and chemical-resistant (strong against both acids and bases)
⊙Affordable prices
⊙Low-temperature-resistant (does not exhibit any changes in properties even at -50 degrees Celsius.)
⊙Safe to use with foods; non-toxic
⊙Low friction-coefficient (highly slippery), non-absorbent
⊙Can be welded or fused.

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