Polyoxyl Methylene (POM), which is also commonly called 'acetal', can be divided into homo-polymers and co-polymers. Both types crystalize. POM is a hard material that is resistant to fatigue and crips and has low friction coefficient and attractive look. The homo-polymers are highly strong in terms of tension and curvature and resistant to fatigue with a high degree of hardness. The co-polymers, which are thermally stable, are highly workable and resistant to heat. They are also very alkaline and stretchable.

  ⊙Highly mechanic and strong in terms of heat and electricity
  ⊙Highly fatigue-resistant and crip-resistant
  ⊙Yields little friction, highly wear-resistant, and magnetic-lubricating
  ⊙Highly resistant to various chemicals (highly alkaline-resistant), heat, and water
  ⊙Easily processed using machine and yields products of even sizes
  ⊙Recommended for areas requiring a high degree of hygiene and sanitation, such as food.

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