MC Nylon is a type of industrial resins that are made by directly injecting caprolactam, the monomer of Nylon-6, into the mold and let it polymerize using anions. Although MC Nylon is chemically identical to other injection-molded or extrusion-molded types of Nylon-6, it has much larger molecules and higher degrees of crystallization. Because it has superior engineering properties, MC Nylon has rapidly become a new industrial material that came to replace metals and woods in many fields of manufacturing.
⊙Extremely light (1/7 of metals)
⊙Superbly absorbs shock and noise
⊙Easy to process using machines
⊙Highly resistant to erosion and highly durable
⊙Highly resistant to corrosion, organic organic solvents, and water leakage
⊙Electro-insulating and conductive
⊙Highly economical for super-large-scale or minimal-scale production.

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